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    Before posting, you must register your username. This prevents other users from pretending to be you. You can do this by first typing your name into the “Name” field, and then clicking on the “Profile” button in the bottom right corner to bind a password to it.

    Logging In:
    To log back into the chatroom, simply enter your name into the “Name” field, then click “Profile” to input your password.

    Using an Avatar:
    The chatroom is not intergrated with the “Gravitar” avatar system that’s used for the rest of the site. To use an avatar in the chatroom, you need to link to it in the “e-mail / url” field. I reccommend uploading the image to imageshack or photobucket if you don’t already have somewhere to host it.

    Using Emoticons:
    The chatroom uses the same emoticons as the rest of the site. You can see the entire list by clicking the new “Emoticon List” tab at the top of the page, or by clicking the “smilies” button at the very bottom of the chatroom.


    1) No cybersex or roleplaying of any kind.
    2) Chatroom is 18+ only. Underage users will be banned.
    3) Prejudice, be it racial, sexual, religious or otherwise, will not be tolerated.
    4) Do not discuss child pornography. Do not discuss anything even remotely related to child pornography. Don’t even talk about talking about it. This is a blog for Japanese shotacon artwork, and I don’t want any of that real life crap anywhere near my site. This chatroom keeps detailed logs of everything that is ever posted here, so if you do talk about it, don’t think you won’t get caught. Anyone found to be breaching this rule will be banned, and their IP addresses will be happily handed over to the authorities.

    Avatar Rules:

    Avatars should be clean and “G rated”, and may not contain:
    1) Real life people.
    2) Pornography.
    3) Offensive or disturbing imagery.

    Users with unacceptable avatars will receive a 7 day ban.

    Comment | June 24, 2010

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