Tsukumo Gou – Yumemo no kage

Tsukumo Gou – Yumemo no kage

Written by Neko-Kun in: Tsukumo Gou [BOX] |

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  • HyougaAkira

    I don’t speak very much Japanese, but from what I could read and what I inferred, the protagonist blames himself for his brother’s death, exacerbated by his mother’s lashing out when they were identifying the body. To punish himself, he offers the use of his body to some of his classmates, demanding harsher and harsher treatment.

    After things wrap up, he’s pulling his clothes back on when one of his classmates happens upon him, and sits with him to try and help. The protagonist tries to laugh and make light of his actions, but can’t quite manage it. It finishes with his classmate offering him a hand in support and perhaps something more… a lighter end to a thoroughly angst-ridden story.

    Comment | June 4, 2010

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