Panda 4 – Isshodeii, Isshogaii [RAW]

Panda 4 – Isshodeii, Isshogaii [RAW]

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  • This was the first work by Shima Kyousuke that I read and I was really keen on the art style (very cute). I also loved the story. It’s been hard to find other works like this as most of パンダ4号’s recent releases have been more yaoi-ish (not sure if that’s the way to describe it) like 連星 or “Day One”. I’m glad to see that it’s been translated and available here for others to check out.

    Comment | March 20, 2009
  • Neko-Kun

    I feel the same way ^__^

    Thank you bitbucket for taking the time to leave your thoughts ^^

    Comment | March 21, 2009

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