[Shota Video] Pico OVA 2 – Pico to Chico


Pico OVA 2 – Pico to Chico [subbed by aarinfantasy].avi
Pico OVA 2 – Pico to Chico (Multi-Audio) [RAW].avi

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  • Man why would you want the raw… unless you were FLUENT IN JAPANESE.

    Furthermore, I donèt see this on AnimeSuki anywhere even though I have seen other of AarinFantasy works there. Nor on their scarywater.

    Comment | April 14, 2010
  • Neko-Kun

    Unlike the subbed version, the raw comes with multiple “sexy” audio tracks. For collectors, that’s worth the download, which makes it worth the 10 mins of my time that it took to upload the extra file. Also, being clean of subtitles, it’s better for use in making AMVs, animated gifs, and other video edits. All other reasons aside, some people (over 128 million, actually) just so happen to be fluent in Japanese.

    Not quite sure what point you’re trying to make about not being able to find this on AnimeSuki. Like a lot of sites, they most likely have some rule there against hardcore shota porn. As for aarinfantasy, they hardly have any of their subs on their scarywater. Try here, or on their actual site/forum instead.

    Comment | April 15, 2010
  • Jake

    Sub’s link is broken >:

    Comment | August 14, 2010
  • Jake

    And I still don’t get the Multi-Audio vid. I can’t understand what’s what! >.< how to set the audio setting

    Comment | August 15, 2010

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