[Translation] Tokuda – Tin Tin Tio! [Futago Hime]

English Title: Tin Tin Tio!
Japanese Title: ティンティンティオ!
Artist: Tokuda
Pages: 24
Filesize: 12.4 MB

>>Direct Download<<

Wow, I’m powering through the translations xD
…well, not really, I’d been working on most of these for a while now, just finishing them all off ^^;;

This is a Tokuda doujinshi of Prince Tio from the anime series Fushigiboshi no Futagohime. It’s not a doujinshi that gets shared around that much, so hopefully it’ll be new for a lot of people ^__^

Oh, and I suppose I should give a bit of a toddlercon warning for the 3 page side-story at the end.


  • Kittysan

    Tin Tin… I wonder if it has anything to do with our favourite Belgian investigative reporter. Probably not.

    But since our favourite lion prince is in it, I can’t help but to take it. I myself prefer straight over gay shota, but Theo/Tio’s cuteness will do. :D

    Toddler, eh? There are surprisingly lots of Otaku fodder in Futago Hime. Aside from the toddler, there is a cat (lion) girl, a really cute shota cat boy, and possible lesbianism between the two heroines. Is this really girls’ show? Or Otakus’ show hidden under Magical Girl disguise?

    Comment | June 2, 2009
  • Kittysan

    Oh, just downloaded it and found out the toddler at the end of the story has nothing to do with Futago Hime. I thought it would be the anime’s toddler princess. And now I’ve opened a new can of worms…

    Poor Theo… Looks like he took the whole “The People’s Prince” and “Getting in touch with the common folks” too literally. ;)

    “So this is the role of the prince?!” Well… maybe not. But he sure isn’t going to chase around the Twin Princesses anymore.

    P.S. Love the animated bonus picture. I assume it’s fan-made by the artist. Because having a full-frontal boy nudity in a girl’s show is just too risque, isn’t it?

    P.P.S. I would watch any show with that. ;)

    Comment | June 3, 2009
  • Kittysan

    Finally get to see the real Futago Hime. Theo is as cute as ever. :) Too bad his role is just like Scrappy-Doo, trying to be brave, but failed. :( At least he fails in an adorable kind of way, not annoying like that little dog.

    Anyway, I’m here to correct myself again. The toddler at the end of the story is in fact from the anime. His name is Estoban (or Estovan) and he’s a very minor character (one-shot, maybe.) He appears in Episode 19: Water Drop Kingdom☆Milro is Getting Married? He was engaged to Milro, the princess of the Water Drop Kingdom, which is much older than him. Turns out this marriage was arrange by the bad guys, one of which is his teacher, who also appears in the short story, molesting him. ;)

    And the animated bonus picture is from the same episode. The spell casted by the Twin Princesses strip his (and a few people’s) clothes off. Too bad his underwear stays. :( So the picture here is clearly doctored with.

    It would be MUCH better if he was REALLY strip naked in the show, though. ;)

    Comment | August 5, 2009
  • Kittysan

    P.S. speaking of Milro and Estoban, I’d really like to see a doujin “featuring” them too. :)

    Comment | August 5, 2009

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