[Game] Shota Undress Games by Yuta Hijirino

Here’s a couple of cute block games by Yuta Hijirino. :whistle:

If you’ve never played one of these “undress games” before, they’re really easy to get the hang of. Just use the paddle at the bottom to hit the ball into the image. The ball removes the “blocks” of clothing that are covering the characters in the image whenever it hits them. Once you remove the outer layer of clothes, the game progresses to the next “level”, where you can remove their underwear.

I’ll update this post in a few days with the resulting images for anyone who’s having trouble clearing the game.

Have fun! :sway:

UPDATE: Images from the games are here:

Thanks to everyone who linked me the results page for the Santa one! :D


Click the images below to go to each of the games:

Oh, and if you happen to know how to actually download these kinds of games, please let me know. I’d really like to have backup copies in case the artist’s website ever goes down.

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  • Dr.Otaku

    hey neko, I have finished both the games and have the pics if you need them, man it was a pain though :sigh:

    Comment | June 19, 2010
  • Eric

    It’s easy to download internet files of any type this way:

    1. Right-click on the page OR go to “tools” in the toolbar

    2. Select “information on the page” or “page information” (sorry my comp is in French)

    3. Go to the “media” tab

    4. Select the file

    5. Press “save as…”

    I hope this helped ^^ and I look forward to more on this marvelous site =3

    Comment | June 19, 2010
  • Robert

    @Eric: That works fine for flash. This is java and as such there is a bit more to it. I can create zips that backup each but it looks like both have the same java class file but use different external image overlays. Not hard though since everything is defined via parameters and you can even change the life limit and stuff.

    Comment | June 19, 2010
  • Robert

    Update: I just did a backup of both games. I’ve got the required cg images and even the final page that you are rewarded with. There were 5 images hard-coded into the class file that would of made it impossible to load locally since they were not referenced in the html itself so I had to decompile it to get the filenames.

    The christmas page was actually encoded so you could not get any of the filenames that way. IE9’s developer tools came in handy there but I have not created a working and non-encoded page so I saved the encoded version.

    Both work locally but for some reason IE doesn’t load the images into the page even though Firefox does that just fine. The java does work though and that is important. They share a ton of files (including the same class) so I’ve got them in the same folder but if you want them split let me know.

    Comment | June 19, 2010
  • anonymous coward

    so… hot… can’t… win…

    Comment | June 19, 2010
  • ven

    i beat the first one on the first try

    second one took me forever to beat but finally did it xD

    Comment | June 20, 2010
  • Lewnett

    yeah.. first one was okay.. but second one took me 3 tries.. i bookmarked the winning page ^^. if anyone want to save it just give me a message ^^

    lol.. 2nd one was funny. i had 10 tries for the second part. on the 4th tries my mom entered the room and i just had to missed the opportunity. then i finished it in the last try. My heart was “doki doki” ‘ing sooo fast!!

    I just hate tough games like that. but it all paid off ^^

    Comment | June 20, 2010
  • UF8

    The games don’t work for me. It just says to install the latest form of java, even though I already have it. Stupid Chrome -_-

    Comment | June 22, 2010
  • Strangewolfe

    I hate these games. They are the simplest of breakout clones and they dont work. You are given too few tries, the ball is way too fast and with that background, its hard to concentrate anyway. I beat the first one, but I failed the second and didnt want to try it again.
    I knew a site once where you could piece together jigsaw puzzles of pictures – that was much more fun, since it wasnt so hard and stressful. Unfortunately I have lost the links to those sites. So if any, I’d wish for more relaxing games than this one.

    Comment | June 22, 2010
  • Freeze-one-05

    For me it´s impossible to finish the game! The ball is flickering like hell…sometimes it´s invisible!

    Comment | June 25, 2010
  • Konome

    I love these >//u//<
    Has anyone played the Pico one before? o:

    Comment | June 26, 2010
  • ppp

    god dammit I’m so bad at these things… D: Can’t you post the pictures now?

    Comment | July 3, 2010
  • Robert

    For anyone wanting it here is the url to the win scenario for the christmas one.


    Comment | July 7, 2010

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