[Anime Clip] Gash Bell – Episode 01

Here’s three clips from Gash Bell (aka Zatch Bell) episode 01. Gash gets naked quite a lot in this series, but so far this is the only episode I’ve extracted clips from.

Gash Bell Episode 01 – Clip 1:

Gash Bell Episode 01 – Clip 2:

Gash Bell Episode 01 – Clip 3:

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  • keastes

    konjiki no gash bell is almost as bad as dragonball was if not worse…

    Comment | June 6, 2010
  • Kaname

    Hehe somehow reminds me of schoolrumble (male edition). :pervy:
    May I ask some questions? 1) What’s the storyboard about? The series seems to be interesting. 2) In clip 3 a womans voice is calling Gash “Gash-chan”. I might be mistaken, but isn’t -chan an ending for females? :glasses: I’ve looked up my notes if I have missunderstood something, but everything looks alright…Are there any exceptions or is the owner of the female voice assuming that Gash is a female, too? :P

    Anyways thank you as always for posting all the works/clips on your site. Must have taken ages to find and cut it all. So thank you! :bow:

    See you hopefully tomorrow,


    Comment | June 6, 2010
  • PeepChan

    Like Senpai often given to Upperclassman i seen chan often use in reverse. If you watched Clannad Notice how Kotomi wont seem to notice anyone while reading unless she called Kotomi-chan. So i think in a nut shell girl and any gender for child. but this i read from a wiki site

    “Chan (ちゃん?) is a diminutive suffix; it expresses that the speaker finds a person endearing. Thus, using chan with a superior’s name would be condescending and rude. In general, chan is used for babies, young children, and teenage girls. It may also be used towards cute animals, lovers, close friends, or any youthful woman.

    Although traditionally honorifics are not applied to oneself, some young women adopt the childish affectation of referring to themselves in the third person using chan. For example, a young woman named Kanako might call herself Kanako-chan rather than using a first person pronoun. ”

    (Chan listed here with others such as Kun & San. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_honorifics)

    Comment | June 6, 2010
  • PeepChan

    p.s its fun to remember them all. that way if you can call your enemy names like that bitter stuck up lady that trys to look young and spits in everyone face. call her or tell her to her face “Obaa-san” and she wouldnt have a clue lol

    Comment | June 6, 2010
  • Neko-Kun

    Thanks for answering that PeepChan :prance:

    As for the plot:
    “Takamine Kiyomaro, a depressed don’t-care-about-the-world guy, was suddenly given a little demon named Gash Bell to take care of. Little does he know that Gash is embroiled into an intense fight to see who is the ruler of the demon world. All of the demons have to pick a master on Earth and duke it out with other demons until one survives. Needless to say, Kiyomaro becomes Gash’s master, and through their many battles, Kiyomaro learns the importance of friendship and courage.”
    ~From animenewsnetwork :whistle:

    Comment | June 6, 2010
  • mortredcritical

    :bwahaha: cuz of this i watched episode 1 and unconsciously watching all the other eps.
    Gash is so cute~~~ :loves:

    Comment | June 6, 2010
  • Neko-Kun

    Isn’t he adorable!? :blush:

    And wow, that’s so cool that you started watching the anime because of this! :puppyeyes:

    Comment | June 6, 2010
  • Corey Griffin

    I remember this, I started watching it when it first came out. I was never able to finish it, but I tried the manga, and, well, I name changes got too confusing.

    Comment | June 6, 2010
  • Kaname

    Thanks for your kindness to explain it to me :) :bow: I guess I’ll start watching the anime too now :) The story seems to be very interesting :)

    Comment | June 6, 2010

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