Kyou Koishikawa – Roses and Guns [Translated by Frost]

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“This used to be one of those pieces that just floated around the net, where few people knew much about where it came from or anything of the sort. Well, most people still don’t know where it comes from, but now they know who’s done it, what it’s called and what it’s all about, at least. And yeah, the older brother is singing a Guns n’ Roses song, “You could be mine”. Not their best, but not bad either. ^_^ Old style shota, of the kind that makes you miss it terribly. Especially in these crossdressing times…”

Written by Neko-Kun in: Color, Incest, by Frost |


  • cpuperson

    oh wow, I remember this from a looooooong time ago, from an old nonexistant site anymore called Yaoihell.

    Comment | May 27, 2010
  • as363

    This is definitely “Old School” . The kind that when you read it – you wish there were more pages . Many thanks for posting this one .

    Comment | May 27, 2010
  • Paul

    Love the style. Been one of my favorites since I first saw it so long ago. Although I suppose maybe I’m less nostalgic than most people, because to be honest, I think I just might prefer ‘these crossdressing times’.

    Individual preference is of no matter, though, and with that said, please keep the quality shota coming, regardless of the form in which it may come!

    Comment | May 27, 2010
  • Alex

    Wow, what a nice classic for a change! Just good old no frill Boys Love. That is really cute and refreshing!

    Thank you very much. Please keep more shota goodness flowing :D !

    Comment | May 27, 2010

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