Kasukabe Akira – Lili Marleen [Translated by Frost]

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“This one had also been done before, but both the thematics, the art and the story made me want to do it pretty bad. ^_^ And no, me liking the theme or opting to use German names when they’re spoken by boys obviously intended to be good Germans, does not make me a Nazi Sympathiser…just a guy who thinks the National Socialists were right to order their uniforms from a designer house. ^_^”


  • Esurnir

    Oh? Do you happen to know how those cute uniform came to life actually ?

    Comment | May 26, 2010
  • Moose

    as bad as the nazi were ive gotta admit the logo looked pretty cool… anyway neko who r u going for in the state of origen tonight

    Comment | May 26, 2010
  • Frost

    Well, taking into account that this is a manga…but oh well. As far as I remember, at least the basic uniform template, and specifically the uniforms of the SS were designed entirely or in part by Hugo Boss. And I guess, at least for the uniforms made during the second world war, the work force that went into making them was concentration camp labour.

    After all, why do such boring, manual labour yourself, when you have a handy pool of Jews, Rroma, political dissidents, mentally and physically disabled and homosexuals to make do your work for you?

    I know the Nazis were bad, and I hope you’ll believe that I do. The only thing I’ve said, although I might have said it in more than a flippant way, was that, in my own subjective opinion, I find Nazi uniforms, in and of themselves, without any sort of hangers-ons or connotations, visually appealing.

    Hmm…I just came to thinking, perhaps I’ve misinterpreted the question. I might have jumped the gun, and assumed automatically that it was a probing question, hoping I would answer something like “Lol, no?” or the like, and let me know in no uncertain terms.

    Or, of course, it might be an innocent question, in which case I hope you’ll forgive my rather barbed reply.

    Comment | May 26, 2010
  • Azin

    Saying the Nazi are bad is like saying a dictionary is heavy, that dog bark loudly and most cats are fluffy : an evidence. Don’t get worked up over it duh.

    If someone get antsy over it, no matter if his grandma was reduced to soap: he’s an idiot for whom something can only be completely demonized and evil down to the socks they were wearing.

    Comment | May 26, 2010
  • Azin

    And no it wasn’t a probing question ^^; just pure curiosity (oh sorry for the pseudo at first, it’s kind of a reflex when replying on blog post).

    Comment | May 26, 2010
  • Kaname

    Hey :)
    First of all: Thank you as always for your hard work! :)
    I actually never considered that there might be some works acting in that age…On one side it shows the tragedy of war and on the other side it also shows that love always finds a way :P

    the actual reason why those uniforms had to be visually appealing was:
    Germany was clearly disorientated after WW 1. To show power and mainly order the uniforms symbolized the higher unity, stability and “beauty” of the Third Empire. It should attract people who weren’t in the German army,yet, so they would join in future (e.g. Hitler’s Youth) Doesn’t change the fact of the idea behind it…brainwash… manipulation…discrimination and murder.
    My grandpa still has his H.Y. uniform, not because it looks good, but also to remember that something like the Third Empire should never happen again.

    Sorry for the long comment x) Just realized that I’ve got lost while writing.

    Well one more time thank you!
    See you around,

    Comment | May 26, 2010
  • as363

    Forgetting the uniforms – it was a great story – and the artwork was super . Thank you Frost and Neko-Kun.

    Comment | May 26, 2010
  • anonymous coward

    I have to agree, facist fashion looks just gorgeous. The whole imagery and æsthetics must be part of what drew people into their brainwashing. In the 80s glamorous rock people have appropriated elements of this style; I believe when we gays reinvent Nazi-fashion for purely stylish reasons, we are doing the world a favor by liberating this awesome look from its unfortunate past :D Besides, there’s a kind of delicious irony in it.

    Comment | May 27, 2010
  • shota-chan

    I happen to enjoy this as well as your effort :3

    It was a bittersweet manga though >_<

    *suddenly wonders if there is hetalia shota with Germany/Norway/Prussia/etc. from this*

    Comment | May 29, 2010

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