[Takenokoya] Takenokoya ROM 2008 – Fuyu

[Takenokoya] Takenokoya ROM 2008 – Fuyu

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  • Thank you so much!!
    And thanks a lot for all the shares!!
    It’s such a wonderful site!

    Comment | September 27, 2009
  • brzjws

    Neko-kun, because of something personal, i’m afraid that i can’t download even one thing by the mediafile,but i do want the Tachibana Momoya and the Takenokoya (yes,all of them).so,i know it may bother you,but i have to say that whether you have space time to upload these or just some of them to the rayfile(which i can use)?

    or, if it may take too much of your time,can you send these,what i mean is the content in the Tachibana Momoya and the Takenokoya by email to my mailbox?
    i’ll be appriciate it if you can answer my request.

    Comment | May 23, 2010
  • Neko-Kun

    I don’t have the time or patience to upload all of those files again, but if you’re able to use torrents, you can find my entire Takenokoya collection here:


    Comment | May 23, 2010

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