[Shota][Anthology] Konata Hyuura – Boku no Animal Life

[Shota][Anthology] Konata Hyuura – Boku no Animal Life

Many thanks to UchoFan1 for scanning and sharing this awesome book! ^O^

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  • Ahh

    Someone really needs to translate this. It’s really hot.

    Comment | May 30, 2009
  • Kittysan

    It’s a trap!

    [The below comment is a spoiler. Skip it if you're interested in the "story."]

    The cute girl at the beginning makes me think it’s going to be Shota x Loli. I’m wrong. Very, very wrong…

    It is the story every Shotacon lover girl always dreams about: forcing cute guys to do each other. No hetero sex, period. Well, the girl herself do our main boy once, but, you’ll see…

    Anyway, It’s fine for me since I swing both ways. ;) And the boys and their things are really, really cute. :D

    Comment | June 2, 2009

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