Karuma Tatsurou – The Man with the Big Nose [Translated by Neko-Kun]

English Title: The Man with the Big Nose
Japanese Title: ボクらの鼻デカおじさん
Artist: Karuma Tatsurou
Pages: 12
Filesize: 3.7 MB

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Here’s another translation by Karuma Tatsurou, “The Man with the Big Nose”

I really love Karuma Tatsurou for his totally random plots and characters XD
In terms of shota comedy stories, I think he’s right up there on the same level as Mitsui Jun for pure shota insanity

Anyway! Hope you all enjoy it ^^

Written by Neko-Kun in: -Translated Works-, Karuma Tatsurou, by Neko-Kun |


  • Chris

    This is so incredibly awesome, I love it. I can’t believe it hasn’t been commented on. Thanks much for translating and hosting these! ^_^

    Comment | May 6, 2009
  • Neko-Kun

    Aww, thanks Chris! ^O^

    Comment | May 6, 2009

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