Honey QP – Shotamon 3 [Onegai my Melody, Sengoku Musou]

Honey QP – Shotamon 3 [Onegai my Melody, Sengoku Musou]

Bought this book from Digiket myself! ^O^

Warning: Like Shotamon 2, this book surprises us with some horse x shota bestiality for the Sengoku Musou part ^^;

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  • Pawsie

    how do you buy them from digiket…. because i prefer to offer up money to get them myself. There’s a few i would like to get.

    Comment | March 3, 2009
  • Neko-Kun

    Basically what you need is to buy Japanese “Webmoney”, which you can then use to purchase books from Digiket.

    I used to be able to buy Webmoney from Kanetrade, but they stopped accepting paypal a couple of weeks ago T_T

    There’s an FAQ on the Kanetrade site if you want to learn more about how Webmoney works. I’m afraid I don’t know anywhere else to get it though, sorry :(

    Comment | March 4, 2009
  • I’ve been asked a few times about how to make purchases from Digiket. I use an Edy card and Sony Pasori Reader. I’ve written up instructions for its use on my blog. If you can find a reputable deputy service or happen to have a friend who will be visiting/lives in Japan, it may be worth trying.

    Back to the topic of this work, I get an “Invalid File” error from Mediafire. I find it funny but I can’t get enough of Kogure Kakeru (the character here)…he’s too cute!

    Comment | March 24, 2009
  • Neko-Kun

    Lol, goddamn Mediafire xD
    I’ve added a megaupload mirror, hopefully you’ll be able to use that ^_^

    I can’t say I blame you for not being able to get enough Kakeru, he’s way too adorable! xD

    And thanks for the purchasing advice! ^O^

    Comment | March 25, 2009
  • Thanks for this one! :3

    Comment | June 13, 2009
  • Komotz

    NEKO!! This one no worky anymore either :(

    Comment | February 23, 2013

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