[Update] All content now to be hosted externally

If you’ve been checking this site regularly, I’m sure you’ll have noticed that there has been a lot of downtime over the last few days. I have around 160gb of daily transfer with my current hosting service, and unfortunately I seem to keep exceeding that amount, which leads to my account being suspended for the remainder of that day.

I thought that the site would be able to handle this amount of traffic once I had hosted the 13gb of anthologies externally on Mediafire, however yesterday people managed to download a massive 1,262.33 GB of data from my site, even with the anthologies no longer being hosted here o_O. I have absolutely no idea how this could even happen given how relatively unknown this place is at the moment, but it’s made me realize that I can’t continue to host direct download links on the site any longer.

In short, ALL direct download links on the site will be replaced with external links to Mediafire and Megaupload after Christmas.

On a related note, I also got an email from my hosting provider yesterday letting me know that they needed to suspend my account for a day, as I had received over 406,698 hits on my site, and it was affecting the performance of the other sites hosted on the shared server. If anyone out there happens to know a hosting service with unlimited daily transfers that also allows adult content, I’d seriously appreciate it if you could reply to this post and let me know xD

Merry Christmas!! :)


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  • has unlimited space and transfers and allows adult content – hence the name ;)

    Comment | March 11, 2009
  • Neko-Kun

    Oooooh, very interesting! :O

    Thanks! I’ll have to check this out! ^__^

    Comment | March 12, 2009

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