Mitsui Jun – Magic Moment [Translated by Neko-Kun]

English Title: Magic Moment
Japanese Title: Magic Moment
Artist: Mitsui Jun
Circle: Sennen Teikoku
Pages: 29
Filesize: 28 MB

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What’s this!? A new translation after 3 years!? Yep O_O

This is the retouched version of Mitsui Jun’s 2002 book, Magic Moment!
You can get Fubuki’s wonderful scans of the original book here.

Not tooo much to say about this book, other than that it’s amazing, like all of Mitsui’s works! I definitely want to say a big big thank you to Mitsui Jun himself for sending me (and other western shota fans that have contacted him xD) these gorgeous uncensored, high quality original doujins for free. I did all of my own editing on this book, I can tell you that it makes a HUGE difference having high quality images to work with! He’s such a lovely guy ^_^

This book actually contains two stories, “Fallin’ Angel” and “Luke & Zack”. I have a small note about the both of the titles:

“Fallin’ Angel” is the unedited English title that Mitsui Jun gave the story, and seeing as the Japanese title has the same meaning, I left it as it was. A couple of my proofreaders thought it may have been a spelling error on my part, so I just wanted to clear it up here xD

For the “Luke & Zack” story, the book has a character page that has Luke and Zack named “Ryuck & Zaq” in the original scans and “Luc & Zack” in the new version. I went with Luke & Zack for the translation~

Anyway! I really love this book, and I hope that being able to read it in English makes you guys love it too~! :loves:
New Fubuki scans coming soon (within the next week, I hope!) :stress:

~Neko-Kun! :whistle:

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[IrisGirlProductions] Don’t Put It In Your Mouth

I found this silly video on youtube just now, and had to share it xD
Thank you, IrisGirlProductions, for making this. :XD:

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GAH! Another damn month!

But I’m sure you’re all used to my short attention span by now, right? :raincloud:

Having said that though, I haven’t been completely useless lately! I have a new full color Mitsui Jun translation that’ll be ready to share in the next few days, as well as another two dozen Fubuki scans that he recently sent me to post! Just gotta get the titles all translated, make the thumbnails, and get them uploaded ^^

In other news, the shota brother from the new anime “Uchouten Kazuku” is crazy cute @_@

Later~! :prance:

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