[Shota AMV] School Boys – One Thing!

Mikuruofdoom, over on Youtube, has made a fantastic music video featuring images and scans from Kiriya (Gymno)’s “School Boys” shota series!

I was sure I’d already posted it here, but it seems not… so enjoy! xD

You can stalk Kiriya at the following places:

Have fun~!

~Neko :roll:

EDIT: Nooo! Youtube took the video down! :ohnoes:
Luckily, I downloaded a copy, so you can now just stream it from the blog ^^
I hope you don’t mind, Miss Mikuruofdoom! :bow:

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Shota Anthology Batch Torrent

>> Shota Anthologies Torrent Page <<

With the help (and massive seeding power) of the lovely Kenta, I’ve put together a torrent of all 299 Shota anthologies shared prior to 2013. The torrent is 14.3gb, and each anthology is contained in its own separate rar file, so you’re able to download only the files you want.

You can find the covers of all the books by searching for them here, or by browsing the older posts under the Shota Anthology tag. ^^

Have fun!

~Neko :prance:

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Fubuki’s Scans: Mediafire Mirror

The lovely Kenta has a made Mediafire mirror for all of Fubuki’s books that have been shared so far! As with the other stuff we’ve tried sharing on Mediafire, the links probably won’t be up for long before they’re reported and removed, so if you’re still having trouble with MEGA, try and grab these quick xD  

~Neko-Kun :hero:

EDIT: Well, that was taken down fast. Sorry guys :sweatdrop:

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