Coloring Competition!

Well, it’s not really a “competition” as such, since I’m not going to judge the entries or give out prizes or anything like that ^^;

Basically this is just a fun little project for any artists out there who want to show off their coloring skills and promote their work! All submissions will be posted here after the end of the competition. You can also include a short message with your submission either promoting yourself or discussing the picture, as well as a link to your art site.


Entries must be submitted by email to:
Submissions close Friday 15th October.

Your email needs to include your colored image as an attachment, as well as the name you would like your work to be displayed under.

You may also include a short message of 100 words or less to be posted along with your image, as well as a link to your Deviantart/yGallery/Art Site/etc if you’d like people to be able to find more of your work.

Coloring Competition Image:

If you have any other questions, you can either ask them here or email me at the address listed above ^^
Have fun! I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with! :whistle:

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Again with the lack of updates D:

Sorry again for the lack of updates! Life has been being a bit of a bitch lately, and the Final Fantasy 14 beta has been stealing pretty much all of my free time since it started at the beginning of the month ^^;

The beta is over now, but the actual game opens really really soon! If anyone else out there is planning to play it, I’m going to be on Lindblum server as “Neko Kun”, so leave your character name here or send me a message in game and we can hang out or chat or something :3

For anyone who’s thinking about playing it, here’s the latest shiny trailer:

And this here is the whole reason I’m playing the game: Lalafells. They’re basically the loli/shota race of the game, and damn addictive to play as. For extra cuteness, watch this video full screen and in 720p if you can ^^

Oh, and here’s a bunch of screencaps of my character, “Neko Kun”.
Just because he’s cute, and I really wanna him show off xD

Again, sorry for the lack of updates! I should have said something sooner, instead of leaving it for like 3 weeks without posting anything ^^;

I’m really behind on all of my translations (which sucks, I know T_T), so I think I might actually have to switch my focus back to posting raw doujins, since I have millions of them and they’re not much trouble to upload and post. With Final Fantasy 14 just around the corner, I probably won’t be spending much time translating over the next few weeks either ;_;

First thing’s first though, I’m planning on running a kind of coloring-in competition on the site, which should hopefully be pretty fun! It’ll start in the next few days, so keep an eye out for it ^^

~Neko-Kun :whistle:

Written by Neko-Kun in: +News & Updates+ |

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