Mitsui Jun – Start! Fun Sex [Translated by Marushio]

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So sorry for the lack of updates! This last week went by so fast T_T
But anyway! Here’s an awesome Mitsui Jun translation from Marushio and Zan-kun that I hope will make up for it ^^

“Here is a translation of a Mitsui Jun work that myself and Marushio worked on. It’s called Start! Fun Sex, and features the insane and slapstick antics of Kawaiko-chan, Naughty-kun and Dr. Balls. Dr. Balls and Kawaiko-chan are attempting to teach Naughty-kun they ways of a Seme-Uke relationship, with hilarious results from Naugty-kun’s aggressive eagerness and impatience. Well worth the read” – Zan-kun

Written by Neko-Kun in: Mitsui Jun, by Marushio |

Kirigakure Takaya – Infamous Family Love [Translated by Frost]

English Title: Infamous Family Love
Japanese Title: 破廉恥家族愛
Artist: Kirigakure Takaya
Pages: 8
Filesize: 5 MB

Incest (Mother, Father, Older Sister)

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Yaaay! Yet another fantastic translation from the wonderful Frost! :loves:

“Well, I’m back. This short, sweet piece took up an obscene amount of time. Well…a little is better than nothing, I guess, while preparing to come back stronger than before. ~_~ I just had to do this, cus it’s so wacky and zany and all that good stuff, while still managing to have some pretty hot smut. I also had to do it because Sacchan is almost unbearably cute. ^_^ Well, please enjoy!” – Frost


Tokuda – How To Get Along Better [Translated by Neko-Kun]

English Title: How To Get Along Better
Japanese Title: みんななかよし
Artist: Tokuda (Ueda Yuu)
Pages: 34
Filesize: 10 MB

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So, what could possibly beat an Uchoten threesome?

How about a Tokuda foursome? :whistle:

Seriously though, it’s been way too long since the last time I translated a full Tokuda book. I mean, I have heaps of them that I’m working on, but it’s been a little over a year since I last got one finished ;__;

Still, this particular story is pretty damn awesome, so hopefully it should make up for that little 4 page oneshot that I did a couple of weeks ago ^^;;
A lot of hours went into this one, so I really hope you all enjoy it :sway:


Syumatsusyorijou – Kazuma-kun’s Naughty Book (Summer Wars) [Translated by Marushio]

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I’m proud to present you all with a translation from one of the newest translation teams on the block: Marushio and Zan-kun!

“This is a translation of Nemu Nemu’s doujinshi, “Kazuma-kun’s Naughty Book” by Marushio & Zan-kun. It also includes bonus pages from the Kazuma Iro Zukan anthology also by Nemu Nemu. Marushio & Zan-kun hope you enjoy reading this! Also, much love to Uchofan1 for scanning this wonderful doujin in the first place.” – Zan-kun

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