[Game] Apple Sling (Mac OSX-Kun)

Life is busy atm, so haven’t had time to organize the next translation post yet ;_;

So while you’re waiting, here’s an “undress” game of Mac OSX-kun, the shota OS-tan of the Mac OS X. He’s always been my favorite little anthropomorphic shota operating system. I just love his apple eye-patch xD

Click the image to go to the game:

Basically you just launch the ball, and try and knock all the blocks out of the basket. Japanese menu is straightforward. After you click “Start”, the top option is “Shirt”, and the bottom option is “Skirt”. Once you’ve cleared the shirt, the top option becomes “Bra” and once you’ve cleared the skirt, the bottom option becomes “Panties”. Watch out once you’ve cleared either of those, because whichever one you cleared first is replaced with the option “quit”. So yeah, don’t click “やめる” unless you’ve had enough.

Have fun! :P

Here’s the whole image set for anyone who can’t complete the game:

Apple Sling Image Set.rar

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Hoshiai Hilo – Fantasy Boys [Translated by Neko-Kun]

English Title: Fantasy Boys
Japanese Title: 妄想少年
Artist: Hoshiai Hilo
Pages: 5
Filesize: 1 MB

>>Direct Download<<

I really to spend less time translating, and more time actually posting stuff here.
Place has been pretty boring lately, huh? ;__;

Anyway yeah, I’ve had this one sitting around for a while now, just waiting to be packaged up and shared. You’d think that as a translator, the most exciting part of the whole translation process would be actually sharing the finished product with the wider community… but for me, that’s kinda just the “work” part at the end of a fun project xD. I suppose it’s good that I’m self-motivated to work, but I do often need to remind myself that you guys actually wanna see these things too ^^;;

Anyway, about the translation! This is a cute little 5 page oneshot by Hoshiai Hilo that caught my attention as being particularly sweet. Foolishly, I assumed that since it was so short, it wouldn’t take very long to finish. But yeah, lesson learned. Took me a long time to finally be happy with the translation on this one, but I’ve passed it by a bunch of proofreaders (thanks guys!), and looked over it again today myself, and I think it’s passable :3

So yay, I hope you all enjoy reading this little piece of Hoshiai Hilo sweetness ^^

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Soul Eater + South Park = …?

If you’ve read my latest Soul Eater translation, and seen the South Park images I translated last year, then you can probably tell that I’m a big fan of both series. Well, while the Soul Eater translation is still fresh, I thought I’d take the chance to show off one of my favorite parody videos: a remake of the Soul Eater OP using characters from South Park (in anime style, of course :P )

Here’s the original anime opening video, in case anyone hasn’t seen it:

And while I’m throwing youtube videos around, here’s an awesome AMV I stumbled upon just the other day:

Not really much of an update, but I figure that while I don’t have any completed translations to post, I may as well keep the place active with shota-related stuff like this :3

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