Better Late than Never ^^;;

Hey all!
A very, very overdue update to let you guys know what’s been going on, and why I haven’t posted here in so long!

Firstly, to dispel the rumors that seem to have been going around in my absence:

No, I’m not dead.

No, I haven’t been arrested for having shota :S.

And no, I haven’t abandoned this blog, or my translations ^^

To make a long story short, after my last update (Sep 2009) I was nearing the end of my school year, and needed to spend time studying, finishing off assignments, and then studying for and sitting my exams. Since I wasn’t able to get any real “shota time” during my exam period I was feeling kinda stressed about finally getting some work done and posting more updates, but after spending weeks stressing about my exams, I really just wanted to rest and have some fun. So at my bf’s insistance, I decided to take a break from my translating, forget about my blog for a while, and the two of us jumped into the shiny new online game “Aion Online“. We spent about a month or so playing that together and having a great time (I made the cutest little shota mage xD), and then I had to pack my stuff and head off to Indonesia, where I have been studying until now. I’m doing an intensive Indonesian language program out in a pretty rural part of Indonesia, and I’ve had very little internet access, let alone time to actually use it :(

While I’ve been here I’ve really started missing my shota translating, my blog, and my of all my wonderful friends on MSN. I never expected I’d be away from you guys for so long (nearly 6 months T_T), but I got so caught up with my schoolwork and spending time playing with my bf that I just felt really bad every time I thought about how I’d been neglecting all my shota stuff, and so I just kept putting it off… and then suddenly it was time for me to go overseas :(

The good news is that it’s nearly time for me to come back home though! I get back home in a little over 2 weeks from now, and after I spend some much needed quality time with my bf and family, I’m keen to get this site up and running again. I actually have a few finished translations that are just sitting at home waiting for me to upload them, as well as another 10 or so that are still half finished.

The bad news though is that a week after I get home I have to start school again, and as it’s my final year of university, it’s going to be very time consuming. I can’t afford to fail any of my subjects, otherwise I’ll have to wait another whole year to repeat them and get my degree. On top of that, my bf and I are still very much into Aion Online (youtube it if you’ve never heard of it!), and I’ll probably end up still spending some of my free time playing that too. I’ll have to show off some cute screenshots of my character when I get home :P .

So yeah, I hope you guys will forgive me for being away for so long, and for not letting you know what was going on with the site before I left to go overseas!

Running out of time at the little net cafe here, so I’ll see you all again when I get home!

Oh! And sorry to all the people who have been leaving comments too! I have over 6000 messages I need to approve, and like 99% of them are spam. I promise I’ll try and get through them all when I get home.

Sorry again, and thanks for your patience. It’s embarrassing how unreliable I am with updates ^^;;


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