Mitsui Jun – Hug Hug Hold Me Tight [Translated by Neko-Kun]

English Title: Hug Hug Hold Me Tight
Japanese Title: ハグハグ ホーミタイ
Artist: Mitsui Jun
Pages: 7
Filesize: 3 MB

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Another Mitsui Jun translation, yay! His stories are all so random and silly xD. Special thanks to UchoFan1 for scanning this, and Hany for cleaning it up and removing the censorship ^^

Hope you guys like it :3

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Panda 4 – Two Yellow Beans [Translated by Neko-Kun]

English Title: Two Yellow Beans
Japanese Title: 黄豆二粒入り
Artist: Panda 4
Pages: 30
Filesize: 8 MB

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Yaay! My first translation of something by Panda 4! I’m a big big fan of Fullmetal Alchemist, so there was no way I could pass up translating this awesome book. Hope you guys enjoy it!

Note: There’s no page 2 or 31. Since they were blank they were omitted from the digiket copy I used.

Next translation I’ll post will be a short Mitsui Jun one :3


Not dead…

… just really, really busy T___T

I’m really sorry for not posting anything these last couple weeks. I’ve been sick, and it was right when school started again, so I’ve had very little energy lately, and even less motivation to resize doujinshi covers and upload rar files. I wanna apologize too for not posting a message like this earlier… I was never planning to be absent for this long.

The good news I suppose is that while I haven’t been posting updates here, I’ve been using a lot of my “shota time” to work on my translations, as well as another big project that I’ll be announcing soonish. I’ve got about 6 translations that are nearly ready for release, so if all goes well I’ll be posting them here over the next week or so ^^

Thank you to everyone who left concerned messages and encouragement in the shout box while I was away, and sorry again for neglecting this post for so long. I really thought I’d be back before now ^^;


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Tokuda – Steaming Hot Takoyaki [Translated by Neko-Kun]

English Title: Steaming Hot Takoyaki
Japanese Title: たこ焼きホカホカ
Artist: Tokuda
Pages: 35
Filesize: 9 MB

>>Direct Download<<

Finally done! Sorry about the wait everyone ^^;
I really love this story, so I hope you all enjoy it too!

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