[Translation] Karuma Tatsurou – My Special Wake Up Call

English Title: My Special Wake Up Call
Japanese Title: ボクだけこ起こし方
Artist: Karuma Tatsurou
Pages: 8
Filesize: 2.4 MB

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A short doujinshi translation this time! This is Karuma Tatsurou’s doujinshi “My Special Wake Up Call”. She doesn’t seem as popular as Mitsui Jun, but I find that some of her doujinshis are just as cute and funny xD

If you like Karuma Tatsurou’s work, please be sure to read my other translation “Boku no Tomodachi”

Hope you like it ^^

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[Translation] Mitsui Jun – Fucking Papa & Docking Papa

English Title: Fucking Papa & Docking Papa
Japanese Title: ファッキングパパ & ドッキングパパ
Artist: Mitsui Jun
Pages: 41
Filesize: 26.2 MB

>>Direct Download<<

After slowly working through this thing for over four months, it’s finally complete!! This is by far the most epic translation project I have ever done. The page cleaning/editing alone took weeks. Not only that, some of the pages were filled with cooking references and specialist terms. I’ve probably spent well over a hundred hours working on this project >_>

BUT! After what seems like an eternity working on this, I’m now totally satisfied with the translation, and it’s accuracy to the original text. I am so very proud of this project! ^O^

Also, I hope people don’t mind the high-res images! I’m a huge fan of high quality scans, and I just couldn’t bring myself to shrink the pages down xD.
If it creates problems for anyone, let me know and I’ll think about making a rar with a smaller version. Special thanks to Morty/Hani, Notes (aka Declan) and Dr.CD for helping to edit some of the text bubbles that were beyond my abilities, and also to Akira for uncensoring the illustration pages! <3

Sorry it’s taken so long to complete this, but there was a MASSIVE amount of work to be done on this translation, and as I’m a perfectionist, I wanted to do it right. Still, I hope you all enjoy it! :D

Written by Neko-Kun in: -Translated Works-, Cooking Papa, Mitsui Jun, by Neko-Kun |

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