[Translation] Tokuda – Omiseban Orusuban: Watching the Store

English Title: Omiseban Orusuban: Watching the Store
Japanese Title: おみせばん おるすばん
Artist: Tokuda
Pages: 35
Filesize: 11.4 MB

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YAAAAAAAY! It’s finally done! Tokuda’s “Omiseban Orusuban” ^O^

I started this translation in November last year so that’s… 2 and a half months? Damn uni exams and Christmas and real life for getting in the way! xD
This took way too many hours of work to complete, so I hope you guys like it! The editing alone took FOREVER to make it look as pretty as it is now. You would not believe the number of times that the Japanese text came out of the bubbles and overlapped over the pictures and stuff….sooo many hours of editing >__<. But yeah, I love this story a lot, and I'm just really glad that it's finally translated and that you can all understand it and enjoy it now too!

Much much love to Cain for uncensoring the whole thing!
Uncensored translated shota = absolute win :D

Written by Neko-Kun in: -Translated Works-, Tokuda [Ueda Yuu], by Neko-Kun |

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