Hany’s Photoshop Tutorial #1 – Avatars and Signatures

Hany, the brilliant editor/uncensor artist behind most of my translation projects, has decided to try his hand at making some photoshop tutorials to help people improve their skills. Tutorial #1 covers basic photoshop tools as well as avatar/signature creation, but if enough people are interested then he’s thinking of making some more advanced ones too. Anyway, I’ll let him explain:

This tutorial gives a small introduction to various image techniques. It’s dedicated to Photoshop, but can also be applied to TheGimp (which is totally free). In this tutorial, you will learn the basics of layers, transformation, selection, and how to apply them to make your own avatar and signature. In addition of the tutorial, there are also some example files, in Photoshop format. Don’t hesitate to have a look if you are lost.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me in the comments section of this post. And if you like this tutorial, please don’t hesitate to say it ^^.

The next tutorial will be on one of the following subjects:
- Advanced techniques for Avatars/Signatures
- Coloring a black&white manga page
- Redrawing/Uncensoring techniques

I don’t know which one you guys are interested in, so feel free to post your opinions here.

Enjoy ~~


>> Download Tutorial #1 – Avatars & Signatures <<
(Contains the tutorial + example photoshop files and images)

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Using Your Own Avatar

Lots of people have asked me this, so here’s a quick post explaining how to use your own avatar on this site :3

First, go to this website:

Once you sign up, you can upload an avatar that will be associated with your email address. Whenever you post on wordpress blogs using that email address, it’ll display your avatar.

Have fun! :whistle:

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