[Game] Shota Undress Games by Yuta Hijirino

Here’s a couple of cute block games by Yuta Hijirino. :whistle:

If you’ve never played one of these “undress games” before, they’re really easy to get the hang of. Just use the paddle at the bottom to hit the ball into the image. The ball removes the “blocks” of clothing that are covering the characters in the image whenever it hits them. Once you remove the outer layer of clothes, the game progresses to the next “level”, where you can remove their underwear.

I’ll update this post in a few days with the resulting images for anyone who’s having trouble clearing the game.

Have fun! :sway:

UPDATE: Images from the games are here:

Thanks to everyone who linked me the results page for the Santa one! :D


Click the images below to go to each of the games:

Oh, and if you happen to know how to actually download these kinds of games, please let me know. I’d really like to have backup copies in case the artist’s website ever goes down.

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[Game] Apple Sling (Mac OSX-Kun)

Life is busy atm, so haven’t had time to organize the next translation post yet ;_;

So while you’re waiting, here’s an “undress” game of Mac OSX-kun, the shota OS-tan of the Mac OS X. He’s always been my favorite little anthropomorphic shota operating system. I just love his apple eye-patch xD

Click the image to go to the game:

Basically you just launch the ball, and try and knock all the blocks out of the basket. Japanese menu is straightforward. After you click “Start”, the top option is “Shirt”, and the bottom option is “Skirt”. Once you’ve cleared the shirt, the top option becomes “Bra” and once you’ve cleared the skirt, the bottom option becomes “Panties”. Watch out once you’ve cleared either of those, because whichever one you cleared first is replaced with the option “quit”. So yeah, don’t click “やめる” unless you’ve had enough.

Have fun! :P

Here’s the whole image set for anyone who can’t complete the game:

Apple Sling Image Set.rar

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