Syumatsusyorijou – Kazuma-kun’s Gangbang Book (Summer Wars) [Translated by Neko-Kun]

English Title: Kazuma-kun’s Gangbang Book
Japanese Title: かずま君を複数でアレ擦る本
Artist: NemuNemu
Circle: Syumatsusyorijou
Pages: 12
Filesize: 4 MB

>>Direct Download<<

Now, before I say anything else about this book, I need to make it clear:

This book contains rape!

Lots and lots of rape. Much more rape than I thought it had when I first started working on it. But hey, it was a Summer Wars doujinshi by NemuNemu! There’s no way I could say no to that combination xD

I’d also like to throw out a special mention to a couple of people that helped make this release what it is. Firstly to UchoFan1, for scanning this awesome book and sharing it with us in the first place, and secondly to Hany, for merging the pages together so beautifully and uncensoring all the naughty bits! This book is a little unique, in that the story is actually drawn over a series of two-page spreads. It’s wonderful that we’re able to see it the way the artist intended, so thank you Ucho and Hany!

Anyway, please enjoy this new Summer Wars translation!
I hope it isn’t too big of a shock after my last two cute translations :sweat:

~Neko-Kun :whistle:

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