[Translation] AS – Candy Pop (Kingdom Hearts)

English Title: Candy Pop
Japanese Title: Candy Pop
Artist: Tarezou
Pages: 16
Filesize: 7.9 MB

>>Direct Download<<

I bought the CUTEST Kingdom Hearts doujinshi from eBay last month, and even though I had a bunch of other translations I was already working on, there was no way I could resist doing this one too XD

It’s a cute little story about salaryman Axel and young Sora. Absolutely no sex in this whatsoever, so give it a miss if that’s what your looking for. If however you enjoy stories so cute that they make your teeth ache with their sweetness, make sure you download a copy of this one ^^

I actually timed myself with this one too, from the moment I started scanning ’till the moment I finished the translation. In anyone besides me is interested….

Scanning & Image Adjustments: 1 hour
Initial Translation & Editing: 3 hours
Final Translating, Translation of postscript and Proofreading: 2.5 hours
Total Time: 6.5 hours

I hope you guys enjoy it! I promise my next translation will contain enough shota-smex to make up for the lack in this one.
Can’t promise the same degree of cuteness though xD

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